Fliss Howes Massage Therapist

Event Massage

Fliss Howes and her team of qualified and experienced therapists can provide pre and post-event massage treatments as well as Kinesio taping at your sports events or training sessions. All of our therapists hold full relevant insurance and are trained first aiders.

  • Pre-event: This can be performed directly before an event as part of an athlete's warm up. Massage and assisted stretching can be a key factor in maximising an athlete's performance prior to competing. Pre-event treatments are tailored to an athlete's individual requirements and play a role in both physioloigcal and psychological preparation. This type of massage is stimulating or relaxing, as required, and aims to increase circulation and reduce excess muscle tension. However massage alone is not a sufficent warm-up and should be completed as part of an athlete's normal warm-up routine.

 Post-event: This will help to return the body tissues to their pre-event state and assist the body's natural healing processes. Massage can help to remove lactic acid and other metabolic wastes and help to gently stretch the muscles. Post-event massage can help to improve recovery times following competing.

Fliss is proud to work with RJ Roadracing to attend races across the UK, to include attending the Isle of Man TT, providing pre and post event treatment. Also working with them in the build up to the event organising their fitness regime.


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