Fliss Howes Massage Therapist


As a qualified sports massage therapist and personal trainer, Fliss has a thorough working knowledge of anatomy and physiology which can in turn add another aspect to her Pilates sessions.

Pilates is used to help improve your core strength, posture and flexibility as well as helping to relieve back pain.  From those recovering from injury, all the way through to professional athletes and everyone in between, Pilates can help to improve fitness and well-being for everyone.

Fliss offers Pilates classes in clean, comfortable surroundings, either one to one or in groups of three or less.  Due to the small class sizes on offer you will be grouped with individuals of a similar ability.

  • One to one sessions  -  Before beginning your sessions with Fliss you will meet and have a complete postural analysis, as well as discussing what you would like to achieve from the sessions.  From this Fliss will create a tailored programme suited to your needs and goals. 
    £24 per session.

  • Group sessions - Group sizes are limited to three people.  These small groups will mean you will be getting a very personal session tailored to your specific needs and ability.  Working in a group of this size ensures you are performing the exercises correctly and safely which in turn means you will advance quickly.
    £9 per session.

Loyalty cards are available for both Group and One to One sessions - pay for 10 sessions and get the 11th free. 


Pilates was first developed over a century ago by Jospeh Pilates.  Initially it was known as ‘the workout of the elite’,  practised primarily by dancers.  In the 1970’s it gained popularity via Hollywood, and since then has developed worldwide.   Modern Pilates has been developed to make it accessible to everyone.  Pilates is used to help strengthen your body focusing specifically on core strength as well as flexibility and mobility.   It can improve balance, muscle tone and joint mobility.   It can also help reduce the risk of injury, help alleviate back pain and also help stress levels.   Pilates is appropriate for absolutely everyone  -  from elite athletes to working mums, lorry drivers to house husbands!

Contact Fliss for further details or to make a booking.

Phone: 07955 962 098